Learn More About The Clearwater Referendum

What Does The Referendum Say?

This referendum would change the structure of the city government to a full-time elected mayor who is subject to two term-limits, who oversees the professional management of the city's employees and the taxpayer’s budget, and who is directly accounable to the people.

Clearwater Referendum Ballot Language:

Shall the Clearwater charter be amended as provided in Ordinance 9179-18 to: adopt mayor-council government effective 2020; remove mayor from council; elect by majority vote, not plurality, executive mayor responsible for operations, budget and employees; provide for mayoral runoff; provide for mayoral ordinance veto and council override; eliminate city manager; establish mayor-appointed city administrator, who will also act as mayor in mayor's absence; start mayoral term limits; and establish council-directed internal auditor


What Does A Full-Time Mayor Mean?

  • Elected By Clearwater Citizens

    Clearwater citizens will have more say in their local government, with the opportunity to elect a mayor who reflects their values. Taking power out of the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

  • Term-Limited To Eight Years

    The Clearwater mayor will be term-limited to a total of eight years. This will allow citizens to vote for the person in charge of keeping the government accountable to the taxpayers.

  • Fast Response To Local Issues

    An elected mayor will reduce bureaucratic red tape in the city government. This will ensure important quality-of-life issues such as traffic, infrastructure maintenance, public safety, responding to neighborhood concerns, and managing city employees can be dealt with efficiently and quickly.

  • Increased Accountability In Our Local Government

    Major decisions will require a vote of approval from the City Council to protect our city from special interests. For example, a full-time elected mayor will be empowered by the people to propose and manage the city budget for City Council’s approval.


On The Clearwater Referendum
For A Full-Time Mayor Accountable To The People