Who Supports This Referendum?

Matt & Amanda Becker

Lee Carr, Clearwater Beach

Alex Chamberlain

Linda Chamberlain

John Connelly

Blake Doganiero

Dan Doyle, Jr.

Natalie Garcia and Grant Wood, Countryside

Dr. Pit Gills, Clearwater

Patrick Gleason

Harvey Goldstein, Clearwater - Countryside

Kevin Hawkins

Kevin Hourigan, Clearwater - Island Estates

Peter Jones, Clearwater

David Loyd, Clearwater

Georgie Menke

Steven Poirier

Karen Seel, Pinellas County Commissioner

Allan Stowell, Clearwater

Zach Thorn, Clearwater

Mike Woodland, Waters Edge

Travis Norton, Clearwater

Norma Carlough, Clearwater

David and Maryhelen Allbritton, Island Estates

Brian Aungst, Sr., Countryside

Jay J. Beyrouti

Robert Boos

Dr. Adam and Dr. Maggie Bressler, Harbor Oaks

Jared Brown, Clearwater Beach

Herb and Diane Brown, Clearwater Beach

Eric and Kyle Busch, Island Estates

Doreen and Andy Caudell, Harbor Oaks

Wade Carlisle, Countryside

Mike Connor

Nick DiCeglie

Doug Eadie, Clearwater

Bud and Ann Elias, Countryside

Brett and Johanna Harris, Countryside

Marshall Harris, Clearwater

Mark Klein, Clearwater

Steve Klein, Clearwater

Barbara Krai, Clearwater

Carmine Lacognata, Island Estates

Bill LaGamba, Clearwater Beach

Chris Latvala, Skycrest

David Lillesand, Esq., Waters Edge

Ben and Nila Mallah, Harbor Oaks

Mike Mastruserio, Island Estates

Mike McGrath, Clearwater Beach

Larry Morgan, Clearwater Beach

Greg Nowak

David Phillips, Esq.

Jay and Linda Polglaze, Clearwater

Bill Sturtevant, Clearwater

Bob and Mary Diane Roperti

Andrew and Lilly Hupp, Clearwater Beach

Frank Crum, Clearwater

Matt and Kathleen Crum, Clearwater

Haley Crum

Todd and Rachel Jennings

Rick and Denise Menke, Clearwater Beach

George Mantzaris, Clearwater

Joe Corvino, Water’s Edge

Paul Hittos, Clearwater

Lindsey Clark, Clearwater

David Sietsma, Clearwater

Michael Atwell, Clearwater

Dr. Gilbert Jannelli, Clearwater

"Born and Raised in Clearwater, I’m a passionate 'hometown gal' who has been fortunate to also raise our two sons here. As your City Commissioner from 1996 to 1999 and as your Pinellas County Commissioner from 1999-to present, I have been discouraged about Clearwater’s progress. There is much that needs to be done to make Clearwater a great city. I believe that a Strong Mayor will greatly improve the quality of life, fiscal prudence and provide the accountability for you, the citizens of Clearwater."

Karen Seel, Pinellas County Commissioner representing Clearwater, Clearwater City Councilmember 1996-1999

“I’ve lived and worked in Clearwater for the past 45 years. I’ve seen our population double since the 1970s and recognize that we are facing challenges our founders could never have anticipated. I support the Clearwater referendum because I believe having an elected mayor who is accountable to the people will bring more direction to the city staff on issues like our budget as well as regional challenges like improving our transportation infrastructure for people in neighborhoods as well as tourists.”

Bud Elias, Clearwater

“It was an honor to serve the citizens as their mayor on the City Council. We have amazing people serving on the City staff and the City Council but the current system hamstrings them and makes it too difficult for Clearwater to reach its full potential. Now is the time for the citizens to be empowered to elect their full-time mayor to be their voice in City Hall. The citizens of Clearwater deserve the right to choose their day-to-day leader of City Hall and I strongly urge the voters to vote Yes on the Clearwater referendum on November 6th.”

Brian Aungst, Former Mayor of Clearwater (1999-2005)

“I would like to see our city run more like a business that meets deadlines and holds people accountable and does not just kick it down the road for years.”

Mike Mastruserio, Clearwater - Island Estates

“I have been in the private sector my entire working life and my wife has always owned and operated a small business. Ultimately, we have both been accountable to our customers, our shareholders, and our employees. To be successful, an enterprise must have someone who can lead, make decisions and be accountable. If you do not have the ‘accountable’ person, you invite reactive behavior and inefficiency.”

Mike McGrath, Clearwater Beach, Harborview Grande Condo Association

“I will be voting yes on the Clearwater referendum in November because the person in charge of the day-to-day operations of a large city like ours should be accountable to the voters. Mayors should be the driving force behind initiatives to advance the city.”

Chris Latvala, Florida House District 67 representing Clearwater

“Having lived in Clearwater since 1950, I have seen Clearwater grow from a small coastal community of 15,000 to the 16th largest City in Florida with 114,000 residents. Today, serving as a Clearwater Councilman, I feel we are ready to take the step to a strong mayor form of government.”

David Allbritton, City of Clearwater Council Member

“We’re 100 percent signed on in support of a strong mayor who can lead a long-needed renaissance, creating the vibrant downtown Clearwater deserves.”

Doug Eadie and Barbara Krai, Clearwater

"The strong mayor is accountable to the people compared to a professional staffer that you don’t elect every four years. It’s time for the people to decide."

Jay J. Beyrouti, Pinellas County Commissioner

“For Clearwater to reach its full potential, we need a strong, visionary leader who has the ability to energize the residents of Clearwater to become involved and take pride and become part of Clearwater’s future. We must stay relevant, competitive and most importantly we need to revitalize our community. As a former member of the Clearwater City Council I have been part of the process of governing, I have seen the citizens vision dissected, marginalized and finally unfulfilled. We need someone who will lead this vision with strength and authority and guide us into our prosperous future. I sincerely believe to get this done, we need an executive mayor. Now is the time to have a man or woman who is accountable to all the citizens of Clearwater.”

Jay Polglaze, Former Clearwater City Council Member

“There are many exciting opportunities facing our beautiful city of Clearwater over the next several years. I feel now is the time for all our citizens to be empowered and to elect their “Full-Time” mayor to be their voice for the future of our City. The citizens of Clearwater deserve the right to VOTE for what form of government should lead the day to day operations. I strongly encourage all citizens to VOTE on the referendum question November 6th. Let’s finally LEAD our great City with a strong plan and spectacular vision!”

Doreen Caudell, Vice-Mayor Clearwater, Council Member since 2012

“I have always felt the importance of having a successful business man or woman from the private sector in government, a CEO to run government, especially mayor of Clearwater. Clearwater is loaded with leaders in our business community who have a passion in ALL of Clearwater and would serve ALL Clearwater’s citizens. A sStrong mayor has the ability to set an agenda and then be accountable to the citizens to deliver. Working closing with the City Council, this is the most transparent form of government for its citizens. I would hope that all citizens do their homework on this issue and get behind it.”

Bill Sturtevant, President of Senior Citizens Services, 501(c)3 in Clearwater

“Representing over 8,400 members, the PINELLAS REALTOR® ORGANIZATION is confident that after several strong-mayor task force meetings, which included input from city council, city staff, experts and the community, that this ordinance is crafted in a way that provides a system of checks and balances, while giving an Executive Mayor the necessary authority to lead our city.”


"I actually have faith the citizens of Clearwater are more capable of governing themselves than people give them credit for. A full time executive mayor could truly set a vision that's accountable to the voters to have transparency and accountability but also be able to be at the regional table, where we are not currently."